About Us
Our Mission is to eliminate gift card wastage in Australia by creating a safe and reliable marketplace for buyers and sellers.
Voucha is Australia's premiere marketplace for selling your unwanted gift cards for cash or buying discounted gift cards for your favourite brands. Every year hundreds of millions of dollars in gift cards are wasted. Almost everyone is guilty of receiving a gift card for Christmas or their birthday, putting it in the wallet and simply forgetting about it.
“Minister for Consumer Affairs Jane Garrett said the gift card industry was worth up to $2.5 billion and that "one-third of gift cards go unused".”
The Age, 29 December 2015
Voucha's aim is to put an end to this wastage and create opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Buyers – our marketplace has genuine discounts and you will find a bargain every day. Sellers – If you don't want your gift card, then you can easily sell it to someone who does and earn some easy cash.
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